Tips for CFOs Who Want to Turbo-Charge Their Job Search Efforts

In a previous article (The Invisible Job Market for Financial Executives), I discussed the lack of protocol around recruiting a finance executive in the world of small and medium sized enterprises. However, SMEs do have one common theme when it comes to recruiting a CFO or vice president of finance – they tend to take the path of least resistance. These various paths include reaching out to their accounting firm, personal networking and job board postings. The virtue of these approaches is that they require very little investment, both in terms of time and money.…

Are you hiring a CFO? Calculating Compensation Within Private Companies

Hiring a top notch CFO, someone who will advance your company’s agenda and business objectives, requires strategic thinking on a number of fronts, not least of which is compensation. Not only will a well thought out compensation plan bring the best candidate to the table, it will align your CFO properly with your company’s interests. This is especially true for private companies where the CFO can have a significant impact on the overall success of the business. When structuring your CFO’s compensation plan, your main considerations should be:

  • Base Salary: Your overall compensation plan should reflect the size, complexity and growth pattern of your company.

Taking the Average (and Bad) CFO Hire Out of Play

Companies going to market to recruit a financial executive can trip over any number of small snags. Recruiting an executive tends to be more complicated than most business endeavors due to the large human component involved in the transaction. Even after all the tangibles have been addressed, like education, technical qualifications, and industry experience, you still need to understand the intangibles, like personality and cultural fit.

Most snags don’t cause the search in question to go off the rails; usually, they just add extra time and expense to the process.…