The Financial & Accounting Executive Search Process

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Our search process is based on the premise that most of the best candidates available are not pursuing new opportunities through job boards or networking. We believe in the power of head-hunting; we proactively canvas the market to ensure that all potential candidates are identified and approached on our client’s behalf.

Phase 1 – Research & Recruitment

Define the role and desired outcome: We take the time to learn about our client’s culture, professional objectives and expectations so that we can effectively and fairly communicate to potential candidates the benefits of joining their team. We also ensure that the search mandate is properly aligned with our client’s immediate and long-term business objectives, and develop a search strategy that will result in a successful hire.

Define the candidate market and approach with a compelling strategy: Once we have a profile defining the professional experience, personality and management style required, we thoroughly research the market to identify the potential candidates that fit our client’s requirements. All prospects are contacted by our recruitment team and interviews are arranged with interested candidates.

Keep you informed every step of the way: The client will get progress reports weekly, to detail progress or resistance in the marketplace and, if necessary, to fine tune position specifications.


Phase 2 – Short-List Selection

Double interview process: The interview process has two components. The first part of the interview is conducted by the recruitment lead and hones in on education and experience. If the potential candidate has the professional experience and personality profile required by the client, the second part of the interview is conducted by the search project manager and focuses on the specific challenges and mandate of the position.

Our professional evaluation: The short-list is presented to the client with a briefing of each candidate, addressing specific strengths, potential limitations, remuneration requirements and an overall assessment of how well the candidate fits the original profile.


Phase 3 – Interview & Selection

Assist with your internal process: Before the short-list is presented, it is important that the mechanics of the interview process are decided upon. This includes determining who is involved in the interview cycle and when, and what their role in the process should be. Anyone involved in the final hiring decision should be involved in Phase 1 so that their input in the candidate profile is included at the beginning of the search. This will ensure consistency in decision criteria throughout the entire search process.

Manage assessments and offers: After each interview in the cycle, the hiring authority and candidate are debriefed to determine level of interest and areas of concern. Once the client and candidate(s) are in the final interview stage, we work with both parties to lay the ground work for virtually all parts of the offer. This includes base remuneration, performance pay, vacation, title, start date, and any other any matters unresolved or not yet specified