Financial Executive Recruitment Services

Canada’s Most Trusted Recruiter Of Finance And Accounting Executives

We recognize and appreciate the contribution that financial executives make to the success of their organizations. We know that consistently hiring top financial talent is more than a matter of aligning the technical requirements of the position to the skill sets listed on a resume.

It requires a nuanced understanding of our clients’ business environment, corporate culture and the challenges and opportunities our clients may face in the future. That’s why we proactively partner with our clients so that they have a search strategy that will ensure that they’re able to attract the best candidates available at the time.

As our clients’ partner in senior financial recruitment, we advise them on issues that include:

  • Working with business owners and CEOs of medium sized companies to help them appropriately structure the top finance position so that they hire the right person for the job
  • How to structure the compensation package for financial executives
  • Benchmarking remuneration for the finance and accounting department
  • Detailing the metrics for success for the company’s top finance executive