Lance Osborne

Canada’s Most Trusted Recruiter Of Finance And Accounting Executives

Lance Osborne - CEO and CFO Recruitment

Lance Osborne

Lance has been the acknowledged leader in the recruitment of finance and accounting executives for over twenty-five years. Lance founded Lannick Associates in 1985, pioneering the business of professional, executive recruitment in the middle market of accounting and finance. Under Lance’s leadership from 1985 to 2008, Lannick Group grew to be the premier firm in this market.

In 2008, Lance sold his interest in Lannick Associates to make what turned out to be a failed attempt at retirement. He decided to reenter the executive search business and started to look for the next big idea in recruitment.

In 2013, Lance identified the need for an executive search firm dedicated to executive level finance roles. To fill this niche, he launched Osborne Financial Search. Over the course of his career, Lance has helped hundreds of companies identify and attract key financial executives.

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