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Compensation Snapshots # 43 – VP Finance of a $120mm Food Distribution Company

Compensation Snapshots # 43 – VP Finance of a $120mm Food Distribution Company

Salary surveys are useful in defining a general compensation range for senior finance and accounting positions. However, the ranges they report are too broad to be really useful to users who are trying to nail down an appropriate pay scale for someone in their particular operation. Compensation can vary widely as a function of industry, size, complexity, growth history and location. What the CFO of a public, $75mm high tech manufacturing concern in Markham is earning will be very different from what the CFO of a privately owned $75mm furniture manufacturer in Mississauga is earning. However, the compensation of most CFOs of privately owned, industrial manufacturers in Mississauga fall within a fairly narrow range so having a snapshot of an actual CFO working in that particular market can be very helpful. This anecdotal approach to benchmarking remuneration is surprising accurate and should give users a good starting point when setting compensation targets.

Candidate Profile

Title: VP Finance

Reports to: Owner Managers

Salary: $225,000

Variable Pay: 20% bonus

Other: Car

Designation: CPA CMA

Years in Current Position: 4

Total Years’ Experience: 22

Employer Profile

Location: GTA

Ownership: Private

Industry: Food distribution

Revenue: $120mm




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