Our Process

The Power of Head-Hunting

The best CFO and VP Finance candidates available are not pursuing new opportunities through job boards or networking. We believe in the power of head-hunting; we proactively canvas the market to ensure that all potential candidates are identified and approached on our client’s behalf.

Define the Role and Desired Outcome

We take the time to learn about our client’s culture, professional objectives and ensure that the search mandate is properly aligned with our client’s immediate and long-term business objectives.

Approach Potential Candidates with a Compelling Story

Once we defined the preferred CFO or VP Finance candidate profile, we thoroughly research the market to identify and then approach all the potential candidates.

Double Interview Process

The first part of the interview is conducted by the recruitment lead and hones in on education and experience.

If the potential candidate has the right professional experience and personality profile, a second interview is conducted by the project manager and focuses on the specific challenges and mandate of the position.

Short List Presentation

The short-list is presented to the client with a briefing of each candidate, addressing specific strengths, potential limitations, remuneration requirements and an overall assessment of how well the candidate fits the original profile.

Managing the Process

After each interview in the cycle, the hiring authority and candidate are debriefed to determine level of interest and possible areas of concern. Once the client and candidate(s) are in the final interview stage, we work with both parties to lay the ground work for virtually all parts of the offer. This includes base remuneration, performance pay, vacation, title, start date, and any other any matters unresolved or not yet specified.

We’re Not Satisfied until You Are

We encourage our clients to hold to the high standards and criteria established at the beginning of the search. We’ll keep working with you until you are entirely satisfied that you’ve made the best possible hire.

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    What Our Clients Say

    Jeanne Ye

    VP Finance & Administration Vet Strategy

    My experience working with Jill to find my next position was great. She did an outstanding job in working with me to determine whether the opportunities she presented would be a good professional and cultural fit and she kept me very well informed during the interview and selection process. Jill clearly understood what I was looking for and never tried to pitch me on a position that wasn’t in my strike-zone.

    Wendy Lockyer

    Principal Accessibil-IT Inc

    Having worked with him on both the candidate and client side, it is my experience that more than any other executive recruiter I’ve worked with, Lance really takes the time to understand what the client needs and how the candidates he presents can fulfill those needs. He recognizes it is essential that the candidate fits with the culture and is onside with company objectives. He keeps the process on track and works very hard to ensure that both the client and the candidate make the right decision.

    Alex Gallacher


    I’ve worked with Lance many times over the years and have always found him to be very service oriented, straightforward and easy to work with. His professionalism, market knowledge and thorough understanding of what it takes to hire successfully put him miles ahead of most executive recruiters in the finance space.

    Terri Smyth

    VP Planning OshKosh Canada

    I was very impressed with the diligence and insight that Jill invested in my job search. I truly felt that she listened, kept me informed, introduced me to some terrific opportunities and acted as a trusted advisor during the entire process.

    Alan Burger

    HR CPA Canada

    Having known Lance Osborne in his professional capacity as an executive recruiter for over 20 years, I can attest to the fact that he is one of the best around. Lance has an in-depth knowledge of the industries he services, an entrepreneurial bent and an innate ability to understand client issues and sensitivities and guide them accordingly. He relates well to his clients, is very personable and above all else, provides effective results in a timely manner.

    Jeff Dawley

    Vice President of Finance BridgePoint

    I can recommend Jill without reservation. Jill’s professionalism and market knowledge puts her far ahead of most of other recruiters in the finance and accounting market. She took the time to understand my career goals and only introduced me to opportunities that fit all of the criteria I was looking for.