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Question: I have over twenty years’ experience as a finance professional and like to think that I’ve excelled at every position and every company that I’ve been a part of. I’ve spent most of my career in the food service industry and I’m looking for my next challenge. I’ve applied to a number of positions that I feel I feel I’m very well qualified for outside of food service but I’m not making any headway. Am I stuck in this industry for the life or can I take my career in another direction?

Answer: When companies first go to market for any position, and especially the top finance slot, significant experience in their particular industry is usually at the very top of their list of qualification criteria. If they can’t find exact industry experience, the hiring authorities next choice will be well qualified candidates from industries with issues and challenges analogous to their industry. Take a hard look at the business and financial issues you’ve had to deal with in the food service business and figure out what other industries they may apply to. If you can articulate how your experience translates directly into other industries, it should dramatically broaden the pool of companies who will consider you a viable candidate.

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